Saturday, March 31, 2012


Thanks for everyone supporting Shannon in this lunacy.
I will be running and walking the last lap with her, and I will be bringing my phone to read all the comments to her.
I cannot imagine how tired she is. I am exhausted, and I have only run about 4 miles today.


  1. You guys are both awesome, and seeing you is definitely one of the things I look most forward to when I go to a race! I'm so thankful for you guys and am cheering you both on as Shannon polishes off a truly amazing race!

  2. Tell her good luck on her FINAL lap! That buckle is just within her grasp! I will be sending some positive running energy her way!

  3. So happy for you Shannon! (And, you, too, Anthony; because now you can tell everyone on the planet about how Shannon just ran the Umstead freakin' 100! Pride is warranted in times like these.)

    I'll run 12 miles as fast as I can tomorrow for all the times Shannon wished she could hurry up and be done today.

  4. What an amazing runner she is and what a contageous enthusiasm! You might want to give her the camera for the last lap, given her uncanny ability to take extraordinary pictures *while* running extraordinary races! And don't forget the chant: "TickTickTickTickTick!"

  5. Anthony -- shannon is closing in on a great accomplishment. It's going to be great for her to have you out on that last lap. Tell Shannon that I will buy her next 8 coffees at the Open for each lap. Or, more importantly, I'll get the coffee while she sits in the couch.