Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kelly finishes in 26:something

Truly amazing. She had to listen to my blather and bad jokes ("his face sure rings a bell!"). Truly a grueling experience for her. Oh, and she ran a 100 miles. Take your pick which is worse. I had the honor of also traveling with for the last two miles. Did I let up on the jokes? Nooooo. I'm relentless.

 Mark "The Man" Manz finished 3rd in a time of... uh... slower than 2nd, faster than 4th.

I logged about 30 miles within a 14 hour period. Does that count as an ultra?

I had a great time. Thank you Shannon, Kelly, and Umstead organizers for putting together such a nice birthday party for me.


  1. I don't know Kelly but have been following the blog and wow, that is amazing. Congratulations to her. And happy birthday to you Josh.

  2. Oh my god. Unbelievable perseverance. She must have been in incredible pain. It was very kind of you and Iris to wait for her. I am assuming you two finally made it home.

    1. It would have been like leaving before the movie ended if we didn't stay to make sure Kelly crossed the line and found her gear. Sorry we didn't swing by afterward, but we were looking forward to collecting the hounds and collapsing into heaps.